After-School Program

Winter Springs - Oviedo

Benefits and Advantages this Program has for Students

(Ages 5 -13)

We know that parenting is hard work and maintaining a good connection with your children can be challenging, especially since parents are dealing with many other pressures.

We find out how we can help you.


Our philosophy

As a fundamental principle, our philosophy seeks to improve in each child a positive mental attitude, high goal setting, perseverance, self-control and confidence.


Healthy habits

It is critical building healthy habits early on childhood to prevent obesity and diabetes later in life. Parents can also benefit from this program.


Bully prevention lessons

Part of becoming a martial artist is believing and fighting for yourself. We talk once a week on the importance of not being a bully and not getting bullied.


Perfect for kids with ADHD

One benefit of martial arts is its use of rituals, such a bowing to the instructor, which can help teach kids with ADHD to accept, develop, and use routine in other areas of their lives.


Full service

The program is 5-days a week and it provides 3 hours of learning once the children are picked up from school.


Pick up service

We provide transportation from the school and back to our facility academy within a 5-mile radius.

Our Client's Reviews

After some many years, we love our clients talk about us.

NBA superstar Dwight Howard

I support Master Rodney Robertson's stance that no child, woman or man should ever be bullied..."

Gretchen Bell Reeson ★★★★★

Passionate instruction backed up by years of experience and caring staff. Best after-school program ever.

James Ihde ★★★★★

Love this place!!! Nothing but the best. Self improvement every day. I've been a part of this school since the day it opened!!! Master Robertson is the real deal. No way you can train and not improve!!

Erik Hubley ★★★★★

This cool such a strong focus on detailed instruction and body improvement. The staff is caring and truly wants to help you succeed in your journey. Do yourself a favor and get started today.

Anissa Rodríguez ★★★★★

If you want to get in shape, become more flexible and release stress there is truly no better place than Robertson Martial Arts Tuskawilla.

Vanessa Evans ★★★★★

My family has been attending Robertson Martial Arts for over 3 years. The after school program is great. My son has attended the summer programs. The children are well cared for, properly attended, and provided with valuable life lessons.